Fremen Banner
"Fremen are the only people native to Arrakis and will do anything to protect their way against the offworlders. While their leader, Liet-Kynes, doesn’t originally come from Dune, she is every bit as determined and attached to the planet as the next Fremen."

Faction Bonuses

  • + Spice Fields in neutral and controlled regions are harvested by Harvesting Teams, a mobile unit
  • + Can form alliances with Sietches outside of your territory
  • + May use Thumpers for Wormriding
  • − Villages have -1 maximum Building slot

At 5k Hegemony

  • + Surrounding a Deep Desert region grants control over it
  • + Thumpers are generated passively and attract larger Sandworms that can travel further

At 10k Hegemony

  • + Grants knowledge of enemy alliances with Sietches
  • + Every allied Sietch automatically has a Settlement on it, allowing you to build unique Sietch Buildings


Chani Kynes

Chani Kynes

Difficulty: Hard
+ Can use Incite Rebellion on Landsraad Resolutions, causing rebellions in other factions if the targeted resolution passes

+ Gain +1 Intel production per adjacent neutral region

"Chani is a young Fremen mothered by the famous imperial planetologist Liet-Kynes. A bold and charismatic woman and an adept fighter, she is loyal to her native people and is determined to do whatever it takes to remove any lingering Harkonnen presence from her planet."

Stilgar Ben Fifrawi

Stilgar Ben Fifrawi

Difficulty: Hard
+ Gain +1 Authority production per controlled region with a Spice Field

+ Controlled regions with a Spice Field give -20% upkeep to adjacent controlled regions and to themselves

"Stilgar is the Naib—the leader—of Sietch Tabr, one of the most prominent Fremen communities on Arrakis. A wise and honorable leader, he has a soft spot for Chani Kynes, whom he regards as his niece."

Mother Ramallo

Mother Ramallo

Difficulty: Easy
+ Allows the construction of the Shai-hulud Temple in a Village

+ Harvesting Teams gain Stealth and can receive 1 additional Crew

"Ramallo is an elderly Sayyadina, a rogue Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother who successfully changed the Water of Life. She therefore possesses a vast knowledge inherited from her foremothers, and her immense wisdom makes her a reverend mother figure among the Fremen."



Difficulty: Easy
+ Military Units gain +10% Movement Speed
  • + Military Units gain Sand Killers when no allies are nearby:
    • + +25% Power
    • + +25% damage reduction

    "Otheym is a renowned and fearsome Fremen fighter who left Sietch Gara Kulon for Sietch Tabr led by Stilgar. A wise and loyal if a bit gruff man, he likes to be in the first lines, be it in combat or through experimenting with new kinds of strategies."


    Fremen Units


    • Health: 500 | Power: 18 | Armor: 3 | Supply: 100
    • Recruitment Cost: 100 Solari | 30 Manpower | 2 Water | 4 Command Points
    • Upkeep: 4 Solari | 3 Manpower
    • Developments required: None
    • Range: Melee
    • Abilities:
    • + Sand Tactics: Enemies engaged in combat with this unit suffer Disoriented (x1) max:
      • + -15% Power

    These Fremen fighters are adept at maintaining a high efficiency in the harsh, arid environments of Arrakis. Dune is their homeworld, and they will always defend it


    • Health: 300 | Power: 8 | Armor: 2 | Supply: 100
    • Recruitment Cost: 100 Solari | 20 Manpower | 2 Water | 4 Command Points
    • Upkeep: 4 Solari | 3 Manpower
    • Developments required: None
    • Range: 20
    • Abilities:
    • + Fremen Opression: For each penalty suffered by the target, gain +1 Power (5x max)
    • + Stealth: Gain Camouflage when no enemy unit is nearby:
      • + Only visible from close range
    • + Demolition Team:
      • + Ranged attacks deal damage in a moderate area
      • + Ranged attacks have 30% chance to destroy Armor
      • − Ranged: Suffers Pinned down while engaged in melee combat:
        • − -50% Power
        • − Cannot use ranged attacks
    This demolition squad specializes in destroying enemy vehicles


    • Health: 200 | Power: 20 | Armor: 0 | Supply: 100
    • Recruitment Cost: 100 Solari | 10 Manpower | 2 Water | 3 Command Points
    • Upkeep: 3 Solari | 3 Manpower
    • Developments required: Survival Training
    • Range: Melee
    • Abilities:
    • + Weakness Revealed: First attack in combat inflicts +40 Damage and makes the target take +20% more damage from all sources
    • + Stealth: Gain Camouflage when no enemy unit is nearby:
      • + Only visible from close range
      • + Gain 10% increased Movement Speed when near combat
    Stealthy units specializing in melee combat, able to exploit weaknesses in the enemies' armor and striking where it hurts most

    Mobile Turret

    • Health: 300 | Power: 12 | Armor: 4 | Supply: 300
    • Recruitment Cost: 100 Solari | 10 Manpower | 5 Water | 5 Command Points
    • Upkeep: 10 Solari | 5 Manpower
    • Developments required: Support Structures
    • Range: 30
    • Abilities:
    • + Mobile Battery: Can set up an anti-air turret:
      • + Gain 20 Power
      • − Can only attack Flying Units
      • − Unable to move
    Fremen had to adopt their strategies to fight increasingly armoured invaders. A small team wielding stolen offworld artillery can wreak havoc unto enemies' air units, while remaining discret and fast enough to evade the retribution


    • Health: 700 | Power: 20 | Armor: 5 | Supply: 100
    • Recruitment Cost: 300 Solari | 20 Manpower | 3 Water | 6 Command Points
    • Upkeep: 10 Solari | 4 Manpower
    • Developments required: Call to Arms
    • Range: Melee
    • Abilities:
    • + Against the Odds: For each enemy military unit (x5 max) in combat with this unit, gain:
      • + +10% Power
      • + +1 Armor
    The elite Fremen warriors are completely fearless and dreaded by all. No unit is better fitted for skirmishes in the desert, even when grossly outnumbered


    • Health: 300 | Power: 16 | Armor: 2
    • Recruitment Cost: 30 Machine Scraps | 4 Command Points
    • Recruitment Time: 3 days
    • Upkeep: 8 Solari
    • Prerequisites: Recycling Plant
    • Range: 20
    • Abilities:
    • + Suppressive Fire: Unit that is targeted by this suffers -10% Power
    • − Ship:
      • − Cannot investigate Discoveries
      • − Cannot investigate Village
      • − Cannot occupy Village nor contest their occupation
      • − Cannot target Village Buildings
    Made from an ornithopter carcass, the Spire differentiates itself by its superior firepower


    • Health: 3000 | Power: 22 | Armor: 4
    • Recruitment Cost: 150 Machine Scraps
    • Recruitment Time: 5 days
    • Upkeep: 50 Solari
    • Prerequisites: Recycling Plant
    • Range: 20
    • Abilities:
    • + Can activate Deploy Sails
    • + Has access to on-board enhancements
    • + Siege Weapons:
      • + Fires slowly but deal damage in a large area
      • + Attacks have a 50% chance to destroy Armor
      • + Gain +100% damage against Flying Units
    • − Frigate:
      • − Cannot investigate Discoveries
      • − Cannot investigate Village
      • − Cannot occupy Village nor contest their occupation
      • − Cannot target Village Buildings
    Made from odds and ends of many ships, this aeronef can be customised to meet the needs of its makers

    Unique Fremen Developments

    Full Development Tree ->


    Sietch Network

    Each rallied Sietch brings the Fremen closer to victory!

    Desert Shadows

    • + -50% chance of Agent capture when an Operation is detected
    • + You can assign 1 more Agents to CHOAM Infiltration
    • + +5 max Agents
    Secrets are best kept by fewer guardians, and a strong encryption code


    Dune Wanderers

    Only the Fremen can say they understand the desert

    Sand Walk Mastery

    • + Military Units are 30% less likely to attract Sandworms
    • + Military Units have a 30% chance to survive Sandworm attacks
    • + Units are not slowed down by Deep Desert
    A single Fremen on a sand walk won't attract worms, but a full army will, unless they become masters at it

    Desert Mastery

    • + -30% daily Supply drain in deep deserts
    • + Military Units in Deep Deserts gain Camouflage
    • + Surrounding a Deep Desert grants control over it
    Accepting the desert and its harshness is the only way to survive it


    Spice Market

    • + +1 maximum assignable Crew in Harvesting Teams
    • + Unlocks the Spice Silos building
    • + Unlocks the Bazaar building
    Digging into the deep knowledge of the Fremen people can unlock many possibilities

    Arrakis Secrets

    • + +1 maximum assignable Crew in Harvesting Teams
    • + Your military Units are more resilient to Sandstorms
    • + Your Villages are more resilient to Sandstorms
    The offworlders are not the only ones who need vast amounts of Spice

    Spice Hegemony

    • + +5% Harvesting Team gathering rate per allied Sietch
    • + Villages in the same Region as an ally Sietch can have 1 more building slots
    • + +15% resource production in Villages in the same region as an ally Sietch
    A focus on Spice can bring many rewards

    Spreading the Faith

    Spirituality is a powerful weapon when wielded by the righteous, or the cunning


    Desert Command

    The Fremen would be unstoppable if they could all be united

    Other Factions

    Ecaz Banner

    House Ecaz

    Coming soon...

    Harkonnen Banner

    House Harkonnen

    House Harkonnen shares its chilling reputation with its leader, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. They have been called despotic, merciless, scheming and devious. And those are only their finer qualities.

    Smugglers Banner


    There’s a fine line between smugglers and full-fledged bandits, and Esmar Tuek is adept at walking that line. Smugglers can provide anything to anyone, provided they put the price… and do not look at the specifics too closely.

    Corrino Banner

    House Corrino

    Imperial House Corrino has ruled the galaxy for ten millenia, and Shaddam IV intends to keep it that way. The situation on Arrakis calls for the direct intervention of the Padishah Emperor, who will use all His wit and the might of His administration to turn the war to His benefit.